icon-webui3Web UI

Use our reporting console from your favorite browser, on your computer or tablet. Terminal Services Log web application will show you all reports and charts you need. Use it to generate PDF or Excel documents.

Easy to configure and use

Web UI is easy to configure and use. It provides users with rich and colorful reports and live dashboards.

Export and Email reports

Users can preview reports using the Web UI, filter data or export reports to PDF or Excel and send reports via e-mail.

Available on PC, Mac and tablet

Web UI gives you access to all reports from your computer or tablet.

Filter and Interact

Use your desktop or mobile browser to filter data, sort tables and interact with reports.

All reports available

Access all reports from Terminal Services Log application through the web, use filtering options the same way as in the desktop application.

Configuration options

Configure monitoring and reporting options through the web application to get all details you need. Easily manage users or check organizational units and groups, configure performance counters or system jobs, email notifications and much more.

Enables monitoring anywhere and anytime

You need to be able to access your mission critical environment reports wherever you are in the world, at any time. With web access you can take advantage of your mobile devices and tablets to access all reports you need through simple and intuitive web interface.


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