Optimize your server environment. Reports on farm, server, network, user and application performance provide an overview of the most important performance metrics.


Monitor performance and the usage of your servers, including CPU, memory, network and disks. The reports are easy to use and configure.

Server Performance Reports - Provides you performance for CPU time, User time, Disk time, Memory usage, Commited bytes in use and Disk queue length

Farm and Server Performance Reports

You can easily determine how much CPU and memory are being used by each user and application in your Remote Desktop Services and Citrix XenApp environments. Analyze the retrieved data easily by application or user, and create your own views, filters and groupings to detect problem applications or users consuming too many system resources.
User Performance Reports - In this reports you can find Overall Working Set Perfomance by User and per Application

User and Application Performance Reports

Want to know how much CPU an application has used? How much memory has been consumed by a remote user? These reports answer all these questions and much more. The data can be used for troubleshooting apps or billing customers. Use our built-in filtering tools to pinpoint resource-hungry applications and move them to better servers if necessary.
Network Performance Reports - This reports gives you network statistics such as Bytes per Second, Packets per Second, Packets Errors, Output Queue Lenght

Network Performance Reports

These reports provide all the important network statistics, including uploads and downloads by individual user, network traffic per server and information about the speed and amount of data sent and received through a specific network card. The data can be analyzed to balance and optimize the load on your LAN and WAN networks and to plan future upgrades.