Get an overview of your entire server infrastructure. Use the available reports to keep track of hardware configurations, license consumption and application usage.


With this software asset management feature, you will never find yourself shorthanded. This complete IT asset manager tracks your entire inventory, including hardware, operating systems, patches, and licenses. Be a hero, get rid of shelfware, reduce your company’s expenses, and check on any over- or under-licensed apps. Managed services providers (MSPs) can even use this system to report on SPLA licenses.

Monitor and determine over- or under-licensed RDS Host and Citrix XenApp software.

License usage analysis

Use license usage analysis and reports to validate the need for license purchases and see which users utilize which apps, for how long, and how often. In addition to RDS/TS and Citrix licenses, you can monitor licenses per user, per device CALs, and concurrent application licenses.

Hardware inventory analyzer

Managing your company’s resources is important, but each additional piece of equipment makes it harder to keep up with everything. The Terminal Services Log scans your system and servers and presents accurate reports showing the status of your inventory. These reports include information on the following:

  • Hard Drives
  • Network Adapters
  • Processors
  • Programs and Printers

All reports are exportable in Excel and can be sent as a subscription via email, saved to file, or saved in the SharePoint library of your choice.

Keep an eye on your hardware inventory and the software licenses used on your RD Session Host and Citrix XenApp systems using these reports:
  • Application license reports
  • Client license reports
  • Most active users by state
  • Office license reports
  • Hardware inventory reports

  • The following screenshots show more information on hardware, software, and license management: