Gather and analyze information about your server infrastructure including hardware, operating systems and patches. Track all the installed applications and suites and monitor overall license usage across your organization.

License Usage Monitoring

Check the exact number of consumed licenses, detect unused or overused licenses and use collected data for efficient planning.

Track Cals

It does not matter if installed apps are licensed per User CAL, Device CAL or you want to track a suite like MS Office. You can track them all.


Gather and display information about the entire hardware inventory in one place. You can get all the information from all servers in one report.


Create custom reports and views with desired filters for Disks, Network Adapters, CPUs, Programs, Windows patches and Printers.

Application and Office License Reports

Use these reports to verify if you satisfy license compliance requirements. Check if you need to purchase additional licenses and optimize costs by detecting if there are unused software licenses. Office License report displays all detected Microsoft Office versions and editions along with usage info for each Office application.

Client License Reports

Client License reports allow administrators to easily track the number of Licenses used per Device or per User that are connecting to your Remote Desktop Services farm (RDS CALs). You can track different farms, entire domains or specific servers. Our reporting solution is flexible and allows you to filter usage per site, organizational unit or group in your company.

Track hardware configuration across all servers

Inventory Asset Management scans and identifies hardware inventory on servers and provides you with inventory reports for Hard Disks, Network Adapters, CPUs and Printers. All reports can be exported to PDF or Excel, emailed to other members of your team or saved as views for future reporting.

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