icon-custom-dashboardCustom Reports and Dashboards

If built-in reports don’t meet all your needs, you can always create custom dashboards, reports and views. Dashboards combine reports and metrics, and ensure that important information is always visible and easily accessible.

Custom reports

With a few simple clicks you can create your own reports along with custom filters, grouping and sorting. We support tabular and pivot reports.

Live Dashboards

Dashboards provide you with real-time updates and can be easily customized. Pick from 9 different layouts and choose which reports and metrics you want to add.

Add some T-SQL Magic

Want to do more with the gathered data? Sky is the limit! Give us your awesome T-SQL queries and we will crunch the numbers for you.


All reports can be easily exported to dynamic or static Excel Pivots and Data tables. We also support exporting to PDF, HTML and other formats.

Dashboards for Live Monitoring

In addition to the predefined central dashboard, it’s possible to create custom dashboards which will best suit your needs. A large number of predefined layouts allows you to easily add, filter and arrange dashboards in many different ways. Administrators can add reports and metrics which highlight important data and show you live data changes.

Customize all Reports

With a simple wizard administrators can create custom reports with existing data. It’s possible to modify all parts of a report such as columns or filtering conditions. You can also set up sorting and grouping of results, or add summary columns.

Custom T-SQL Queries

blue revert When built-in custom reports wizards are not enough, simply switch to our powerful T-SQL reports. Type any query against our main reporting database, create custom variables, use custom functions or views and connect it to filters. End users can use Custom SQL Reports from the same familiar UI along with other features they already use like filters and Export to Excel.

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